Q? Is Brooklands Holidays on the local bus route?
A. Brooklands Holidays is on the local bus route for most of Devon’s fantastic local attractions, the bus stop is just a short walk from the site.

Q? Is Brooklands Holidays close to Crealy Adventure Park?
A. We are delighted to be just 1.5 miles from Crealy Adventure Park. Many of our guests that visit annually make a visit to Crealy Adventure Park their number one priority.

Q? How close to Brooklands Holidays is Westpoint Arena / Devon County Show Ground?
A. Westpoint Arena and Devon County Show Ground are just 2 miles from Brooklands Holidays.

Q? Is Exeter Airport far from Brooklands Holidays?
A. Exeter Airport is only 2 miles away from Brooklands Holidays, just 6 minutes away bar car.

Q? How far is Brooklands Holidays from local towns and cities?
A. Brooklands Holidays is set in the secluded Devonshire countryside yet it is just 4 miles from the rapidly expanding city of Exeter and only 4 miles from the beautiful beaches of Exmouth.

Q? Are dogs allowed to stay at Brooklands Holidays?
A. Dogs are more than welcome to stay in owners tents and caravans at Brooklands Holidays. All we ask is that owners are respectful of other guests they clean up after their dogs.

Q? Is Brooklands Holidays open all year?
A.Brooklands is open all year round, no matter when you’re looking to stay at Brooklands Caravan park, Ben and Katharyn are always ready to welcome you and make your stay special.